Chippewa Creek EcoPath is a community initiative to restore and enhance the natural values and heritage of Chippewa Creek through stewardship and education.
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Be a part of the restoration and stewardship of Chippewa Creek!

Through the Adopt-the-Creek Program, individuals, neighbourhood groups, schools, organizations and businesses can play an active and ongoing goal in cleaning, greening and maintaining Chippewa Creek along the EcoPath.

The Adopt-the-Creek program has several goals:

  1. To restore and enhance the natural values and heritage of Chippewa Creek.
  2. To educate participants about the importance of protecting Chippewa Creek.
  3. To promote environmental stewardship through hands-on activities.

What happens when you or your group join the Adopt-the-Creek Program?

  1. You and/or your group become an "EcoPath Steward"! You get matched with a section of the Creek and become "stewards" of that section.
  2. You receive a certificate & map showing the portion of the Creek that falls under your care.
  3. An NBMCA staff member will meet with you and help get you started with an info package, educational materials and a visit to the Creek.

By participating in the Adopt-the-Creek program, you or your organization agrees to:


For now, we ask you to keep your section of the Creek and the EcoPath clean of garbage and debris. Two community creek clean ups are planned for September as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up and in April during the Pitch-in Canada week. You and your group can plan your own clean-ups at other times throughout the year. Keep us posted with photos and quick online reports! Submit your stories here and email your photos to

Invite friends!

The Chippewa Creek EcoPath follows 3.2 km of the 7 km Kinsmen Trail along Chippewa Creek – an amazing trail for biking, walking and exploring the natural beauty of our City. Invite others to explore the EcoPath, the website or join the Adopt-the-Creek program themselves. Share what you’ve learned on managing runoff, shoreline planting, poop and scoop, preventing erosion and protecting the Creek.

Data Collection and Water Monitoring!

In the near future, we’ll expand the Adopt-the-Creek program to incorporate data collection and water quality monitoring, led by trained, volunteer leaders. Stay tuned! The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) currently conducts water sampling at the mouth of Chippewa Creek (where the Creek meets Lake Nipissing) NBMCA also collects samples of benthic invertebrates (eco-sensitive species whose presence can be indicators of water quality) at four points along the Creek.

Shoreline Planting!

From time to time, NBMCA and our partners coordinate planting of specific native trees and shrubs along the shoreline to help protect the Creek from stormwater runoff and erosion. Volunteers play a big role in making these plantings happen. (Note: please do not do you own planting or removal of any plants along your section of the Creek, contact NBMCA to discuss your landscaping suggestions.)


To get started, please complete the Adopt-the-Creek application form. Thanks!